Tree Stock
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H CW TC CTH Price Location
PB15003011.00m5.50m1,300 mm4.00m$13,500.00Kingsthorpe, Qld
T266812.00m6.00m1,600 mm3.00m$13,000.00Chinchilla, Qld
P73000236.00m4.50m1,200 mm1.50m$12,000.00Roma, Qld
P73000226.00m4.00m1,000 mm2.00m$11,000.00Roma, Qld
PA2701567.00m6.00m1,100 mm2.70m$10,000.00Roma, Qld
BU0036.00m5.00m900 mm2.20m$10,000.00Brisbane, Qld
925586.50m4.00m540 mm0.00m$7,000.00Wellcamp, QLD
1120216.00m4.00m530 mm0.00m$7,000.00Fernvale, QLD
933115.20m3.00m620 mm0.00m$7,000.00Wellcamp, QLD
922315.00m4.00m490 mm0.00m$7,000.00Wellcamp, QLD
1116134.50m3.00m640 mm0.00m$7,000.00Fernvale, QLD
PB0900524.00m2.50m500 mm1.50m$6,000.00Toowoomba, Qld
930254.00m3.00m490 mm0.00m$6,000.00Wellcamp, QLD
1124225.00m4.00m580 mm0.00m$5,500.00Fernvale, QLD
1126294.10m3.00m450 mm0.00m$4,500.00Fernvale, QLD
H = Height (m)
CW = Canopy Width (m)
TC = Trunk Caliper/Diameter (mm)
CTH = Clear Trunk Height (m)
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*All prices are listed ex-GST, Dug&Loaded at Location. Pricing for Delivery and planting will be dependent upon site conditions, and transport requirements.
*All Measurements listed can be verified at time of order, but should be used as a qualitive measurement only.